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LIZ THOMAS - Cape Cod, Massachusetts
About me... I have always had creative energy and enjoy the company of artists in every form, free spirits and original thinkers! I have naturally curly/wavy hair I just let dry "au natural". I keep my nails short and don't wear polish. I have a sarcastic and good sense of humor! My mood wanes with the changing of the seasons but my inspiration never does! I enjoy the ocean and could never move away. The water calls to my soul. I always go barefoot, like the feel of sand in my toes, the wind in my hair and the sun on my face! I love to garden and get a thrill watching my flowers as they slowly grow each season. I am constantly moving plants and adding to my beds! I love coffee and anything sweet! Love, love, love my sweets! I make jam, spaghetti sauce, relish, love to bake but hate to cook. Kind of contradictory wouldn't you say? I compost, recycle and try to do what I can to help the environment! This is important especially on Cape Cod. I value my close friends, come from a very large extended family and truly love the precious time spent with them all! There is never enough! Originally from Connecticut, followed by a number of years in Canada, then several towns here and there in Massachusetts I have been fortunate enough to finally settle on Cape Cod for the past 20+ years. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful New England scenery has helped to inspire the love I have always had for photography. Being an avid gardener I truly appreciate beautiful landscapes, flowers, birds, sunsets and the environment! Travels within the United States and beyond have afforded me opportunities to take some fabulous photos!

BARBARA PAGNOTTI - Plymouth, Massachusetts
Born in Boston and raised in a small cottage by the ocean, I have called Plymouth my home since I can remember.  It is where I have built my life and grown into the woman I am today.  Who am I you ask?  Well I am a daughter, mother, wife, sister, friend, artist, educator, student, passionate advocate for children, creative spirit, believer and an optimist.   I spend my days teaching and my nights with my husband, two children and puppy named Flicka .  In my down time you can find me dreaming of artistic endeavors.   I love all things having to do with the ocean, flowers, nature, creativity, photography, and art.  I find inspiration in the small things that often go missed unless we remember to stop and be present in the moment.    

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